Reliable & Trustworthy International Supplier
About Us
Vital Trading Co. is a supplier of products for many different industries. We supply whatever materials our customer's specific needs require.

Our Mission:
  1. To provide high level service and reliable supply solutions to our customers.
  2. To grow as a company having respect for the community and for the environment.
Who can benefit from us?

Companies that are looking for cost effective solutions for their MRO (Maintenance Repairs and Operations) as well as  for Project procurement benefit from increased efficiency and lower costs.

Why us?
  1. Located in Houston, TX USA with specific advantages:
    • We are at the center of Oil & Gas industry.
    • Our easy access to International Air and Sea Ports improves overseas delivery time.
    • We operate on US Central time.
  2. Our team is build on responsiveness to our customers' needs.